Melanie Branton, RMT

Melanie Branton is a trusted and intuitive therapist who offers Myofascial Release in addition to deep tissue massage. Her pressure varies from light to deep as she openly listens to the individual needs of her clients in a kind and nurturing environment. Her focus is core and alignment based, with an ability to listen and follow the natural flow of the body.

Originally from NL, where she completed her 2200 Hr training, she began her career at a well known Physiotherapy clinic and quickly became respected as a talented massage therapist. In a busy rehabilitation environment, she was able to connect and work closely with a vast population of people with chronic joint and muscle pain, post surgical pain, cancer, sports injuries, postural dysfunction, trauma and nervous system conditions. A very interesting and humbling growth spurt.

After moving to Toronto, she found herself working with another Melanie who encouraged and supported the importance of treating the fascia. If you didn’t know, the fascia is a connective tissue that wraps the entire body like saran wrap, connecting bone to tendon to muscle, wrapping all your organs and travelling throughout your cranium and spine. It is literally everywhere and can be extremely useful when treating our issues, including physical, mental and emotional pain. Here Melanie was able to work with people from all corners of the world on a deep level and also reaped the benefits of being a client of Myofascial and deep tissue work in a clearly transformative way.

Coming from a sensitive and intuitive place, Melanie delivers a unique Myofascial style in a safe, grounded and compassionate space. She encourages home care, breathing, openness and self commitment to a healthier you and loves to assist in that process.

Melanie loves all things self awareness and healing, and would love to someday own her own country space, where she works with horses, music, the body and humankind. She hopes to anchor her yoga teacher training soon in addition to some other modes of connection like acupuncture, shiatsu, craniosacral sacral therapy and more Myofascial! Following her inner voice, she believes anything is truly possible with respect, honesty, trust and love ❤

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